About Us

Your hosts, Simon and Cheryl Blackburn (ex Singita Private Game Reserve and ex Kwando Safari Experience) are both experienced safari & mountain guides, South African-born, they have spent their time together exploring remote parts of Africa. Their four children, Kei, Neo, Jos and Cas have joined them on many of these adventures. On one of these adventures, they stumbled across Three Tree Hill Lodge and fell in love with it. They saw an opportunity to start fulfilling their vision of building up a brand of small luxury owner-managed lodges.

Previous owners Andrew Ardington, and the late David Rattray (world-renowned Anglo-Zulu War historian and owner of Fugitives Drift Lodge) built the lodge in 1999 with the main focus of bringing to life the vivid struggle between one of the largest Empires in history and one of the smallest nations in the world at the time. Simon continues to share the events of this dramatic time on the Anglo-Boer War history tours with guests that visit Three Trees.

The Blackburns have woven their love and knowledge of nature with the history of the area, which offers guests an unparalleled, diverse experience in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains. Being animal lovers, expect to encounter most of the four dogs, some of the nine horses, three cats and sIx chickens during your stay at Three Tree Hill Lodge.

    Three Trees employs local Zulu staff from the nearby Hambrook Village, 8km down the road. Most have no previous work experience or formal training. Extensive training and skills development has been done with the staff over time. Ongoing workshops enlighten the staff on current events and technologies.

    The Vision at Three Trees is based on adherence to specific criteria including fair wages and working conditions, fair distribution of benefits, ethical business practice, and respect for human rights, culture and the environment. The certification covering these criteria was chosen on a voluntary basis as available to providers of tourist accommodation, activities and attractions.

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